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Preparing for the New Industrial Threat Landscape—Trends, Strategy & Best Practices


Major IT and computing trends in recent years, such as IoT, ubiquitous connectivity, cloud computing, and mobility have had dramatic implications. Rapid changes in the industrial cybersecurity threat landscape have occurred and a whole new security tool set is required to grapple with the next generation of connected industry.

This lecture will present the evolving trends and tools, practical advice for implementing effective cybersecurity strategy & policy, and best practices across different industrial sectors.


Mr. Kobi Freedman
Founder & CEO

Mr. Kobi Freedman | Cyber Security for Industry 4.0 |

Kobi is founder and CEO of iDRRA, pioneering AI chatbots for cybersecurity and aiming to assist companies to better evaluate, prioritize, decide and source their defense capabilities.

Kobi is a global cybersecurity expert and a serial entrepreneur in the cyber arena. Kobi was lately Co-Founder and CEO of Comilion (Now: DELL-EMC), provider of the world’s first security intelligence sharing and collaboration platform for regulated and highly sensitive industries – including global partnership with the industrial sector and GE Predix.

Kobi has been immersed in the cyber security arena for over 15 years, first in the Israeli Defense Forces and then working with private sector companies. He participates in numerous Israeli and global policy & thought leadership groups that set standards for cyber defense.

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