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   Main Conference

Threat Trend, Intelligence and Response


We would like to cover about all recent cases and our handled skills, how we react to incident proactively and assist our customers to defense instead of waiting for patch and security update.


Mr. Anthony Lai

Mr. Anthony Lai | Cyber Security for Industry 4.0 |

Anthony Lai focus on offensive "Kungfu", malware analysis, target attack research as well as attribution. He is passionate over Capture the Flag game, reverse engineering and exploitation for years.

After inspired by Black Hat and DEFCON in 2007-8, he has found a non-profit making research group called VXRL (Valkyrie-X Security Research Group) since 2009 in Hong Kong, researchers have published various research in various security and hacker conference including AVTokyo, Codegate, Blackhat USA, DEFCON, DFRWS, HITCON, HTCIA USA and Asia Pacific. He organized a small conference called VXCON ( and line up various his good friends to give cutting edge sharing and workshop.

Anthony acts as a director of Knownsec Hong Kong and Macau ( and currently engages a part-time PhD program in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, his research focus is on malware/threat attribution, machine learning and software analysis. He has been invited to be the technical team coach with Zetta KE and Alan HO for the CTF Team named "FireBird" sponsored and supported by Cyber Security Lab in HKUST (

Anthony is a mentor of SANS GREM and GXPN holder for official course.

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