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Keynote 2 - Timeless System Hardening of IoT/Industrial Assets


Content-update based endpoint protection has become the forefront of user device protection. Though effective, it is impractical for OT/ICS assets that require defenses against bespoke malware, resource limitations, and no dependence on an internet connection. Using behavioral engines and application containment, we can achieve full zero-day protection against advanced adversaries.

  • Securing Industrial Assets with an OS (windows, linux, qnx, etc.)
  • Why is Application Whitelisting a false sense of security?
  • How is behavioral-based protection perfect for fixed-function devices


Mr. Kunal Agarwal
General Manager, Internet of Things

Mr. Kunal Agarwal | Cyber Security for Industry 4.0 |

Kunal Agarwal, GM, Internet of Things, leads the IoT security portfolio at Symantec - consisting of ultra lightweight system hardening and zero-day mitigation, as well as network anomaly detection for industrial and in-vehicle applications. Prior to IoT, he was the lead Product Manager for identity & access management and integration of Symantec's Information Protection portfolio (DLP, Encryption, Identity). His experience in security dates over fifteen years, ranging from credit card security, ethical hacking, and security research at University of California, Berkeley.

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