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Is It Easy to Hack and Control an Elevator or a PLC-Based System


PLCs (programmable logic circuits) are important control units for many major systems such as elevators, smart building, water pump systems, and ventilation systems in subways etc. There is a misunderstanding that these systems are “closed” systems. With the capability of connecting to networks, PLC-based systems become major targets for hacking and vulnerable for attacks. What you see in movies (e.g. controlling an elevator or even an electricity supply system) becomes valid threats. In this talk, we will show whether it is easy to hack these systems with demonstrations.


Dr. S.M. Yiu
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
The University of Hong Kong

Dr. S.M. Yiu | Cyber Security for Industry 4.0 |

Yiu, Siu Ming is currently an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Hong Kong. He has extensive R&D experience in cryptography and cyber security. He chaired many major security-related international conferences. In recent years, one of his team’s major focus is on the security of PLC-based systems, which are the major systems in many critical infrastructures.

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